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What to Wear on Your Summer Vacation

Vacations are supposed to be relaxing, but it can be easy to feel stressed about packing for your trip when you’re away from home. Instead of worrying about what to pack, consider traveling smarter: take only what you really. The first thing to remember is to pack clothes that are suitable for your destination.

Summer vacation is right around the corner! Whether you are traveling this summer or are just taking a staycation, you’ll need to pack. And, since we’re hitting that time of year when the weather can be unpredictable, you’ll need to pack clothes that can easily be layered and worn in an assortment of ways.

Cropped trousers

Cropped trousers are a summer staple like nothing else. They look great in white, black, denim blue, and linen. But it’s their versatility that makes them such a must-have staple. Wear them with a casual tee and sandals for a laidback look, or dress them up with a button-down shirt and blazer for an unforgettable look.

A multi-faceted mini skirt

The summer season has finally arrived, and with it, the breezy weather, vacations, and wardrobe changes. Make this summer the best yet with a multi-colored mini skirt. Since these skirts are office-friendly, you don’t have to limit yourself to the office. You can pair them with a pair of sandals and a top, or with a plain t-shirt and a denim shirt for a laid-back look.

Cutoff shorts

Out in the sunshine and sand? Cutoff shorts are your go-to summer look. Baggy and roomy, this style is a summer must. It doesn’t matter if you’re running errands or hanging at the beach; cutoff shorts will get you through summer in style. Start shopping for cutoff shorts before you go on vacation since you’ll want to pack a pair or two. This style is perfect for the beach but an easy transition back to civilian life.

A sundress

Summer vacation season is almost here, and many of us are ready and waiting to pack our bags for a much-needed break. But before you pack, make sure your suitcase includes a sundress. Whether going to the beach, a pool party or just lounging on a beach chair (take a look at for examples), a sundress can make you feel and look your best. And the best part is, it’s one you can wear on your summer vacation.

Rope sandals

Summer vacation is fast approaching, and you may be gearing up for a week of fun in the sun. But before you head out on the open road, think about finding some stylish shoes that you can wear to the beach or pool. Rope sandals are lightweight, fashionable, and perfect for summer.

A swim coverup

If you’ve traveled anywhere tropical, you’ve probably experienced the discomfort of wearing a bathing suit in public. In the still-warm days of summer, it’s extra uncomfortable, especially if you’re taking a trip to the beach, where even the thought of going topless can make you sweat. Many have dealt with this problem by putting on a cover-up, but you may not have considered the benefits of a swim coverup. A swim coverup is one you can wear on vacation, and there are plenty of options for women. While men generally wear swim shorts, women can choose from a variety of long-sleeved shorts, or two-piece options, depending on their preference.

If you’re going on vacation this summer, you’re probably looking forward to relaxing and not having to think about work. But before you go, don’t forget to pack your summer essentials.

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