Meet Me!

If you have stumbled upon this page then it must mean that you have a love for food and nutrition, fitness, or home improvement, or you want to have a passion for them! I’m Ana Mocek, a 24-year-old fitness instructor from the sunny state of Florida. Now I am a stereotypical fitness enthusiast where I am always jumping around and raring for the next big thing to happen, but I also have a mission to make people feel good about themselves regardless of size, gender, or anything else. So, if you want an uplifting page to reinstate your faith that not all humanity expects unrealistic body norms then please read on and also tell me what you think.


This Page!

Get excited because this page is all about feeling stronger mentally and physically, I will be posting blog posts about twice a month to keep you all updated and ready for the month ahead for you. I hope this blog enlightens you and helps you to live a more well-rounded life to help you to feel more complete with yourself. I hope you find this journey fun and all about love and kindness! Enjoy, because I am so excited to start writing!