There are so many ways that I personally try to help my own mental wellbeing on a day-to-day basis. I know how hectic life can be and sometimes it feels beyond your control, that’s why I got into fitness in the first place, to try and ease my anxieties. However, here are three extra things that I do to support my mental wellbeing.


1. Walking

Going for a long walk in the park or around the city is my idea of a perfect day. I love to take my time and listening to some music whilst I think about all the things I’m grateful for, this is very important because it helps me to affirm why I am here and why I should be proud of how I got here in the first place. Sometimes if I’m having a particularly stressful day I would go for a light jog instead of a walk just to get my body moving and help the endorphins to fill up my body.


2. Coffee with Friends

There is nothing better than meeting up with close friends with a hot cappuccino leaving milk moustaches on your lips. I adore my friends and I don’t know what I would do without them, which is why I feel it is important to have some time to be social at least once a week so I am not isolating myself and I stay happy and healthy with my friends.


3. Yoga

Yes, I hear ya, a lot of my wellness tricks are related to physical activities but give me a break I’m a fitness instructor! Yoga has proven benefits to help slow down your breathing and calm your day down massively, so I stretch my body and really try to listen to what it is telling me to do.