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Vintage is the New Statement

Ever wonder what next outfit you should wear for an everyday hangout look? Or are you tired of wearing too much glam? Is wearing a too uptight kind of look? Can’t decide on what to wear? If that’s the case, I would like to share some of the vintage statements that will never go out of style.


Vintage clothes or styles are those clothing lines that you usually see from the 90s, 80, or even 60s. If you have your grandpa or grandma around your house, I bet they have these kinds of stuff that you’ll surely love.


But wait, I don’t literally say that you will wear their clothes, but you could borrow some of their vintage clothes and mix them with your modern clothes as well. This is what we call the modern vintage kind of look!


Modern vintage is inspired by classic wearing and high street clothes such as those loose jeans or we now call “mom jeans or boyfriend jeans” those high-waisted skirts, pants, and shorts. These kinds of styles are surely vintage because these styles are timeless.


According to some, vintage clothes are consumed by the majority of the population because it is easily incorporated into our generation and consumers refer to classics when it comes to fashion statements.


Now going further, can you imagine what some of your vintages look like now? Here are some of the tips that you can do to make a modern vintage look, if not yet.


  • Think and Find your Own Style


I’m sure that you know what kind of fashion you want, maybe based on your mood for that day, maybe based on your character, and on the occasion that you’re into it. Go and check some of those thrift shops near you or even at your mom/dad’s closet. I bet there’s a lot of vintage treasure in it!


Some of the most popular vintage statements way back are:


  • 1900s’ Posh and Puffy
  • 1920s’ The Flirty
  • 1930s’ Business Beauty
  • 1940’s Sexy and Classy
  • 1950s’ Cute Rockabilly
  • 1960s’ Hippy Chic


  • Flaunt it and never overdo it


Found your style? If yes, you should flaunt it nicely but never overdo it. Finding your vintage clothes is a flex but never wear more vintage parts for it. I bet you wouldn’t like to make yourself look like you’re part of reenactment of history.


Some of you may want to re-sew it and add up to the style, it is also good, but I bet you wouldn’t want to hustle yourself through those needles, don’t you?


  • Add A twist of Modern


Always add up a twist of modern look to your clothes. When you are wearing an entire outfit of vintage and accessories, don’t make a poodle hairstyle. Instead, simply let your hair loose or just fixed it with a ponytail.


If you are wearing vintage classic clothes on, you may mix and blend it with sneakers or flat sandals to make a classic modern-vintage look for your day!


  • Accessories are the Queen


Vintage-style accessories can never let you down. If you are wearing a modern-style outfit, mixing it with vintage accessories can be more fun and thrilling. With the right vintage accessories to wear, even the simplest dress from the thrift store can result to a vintage look!


You don’t have to be afraid of mixing and matching your dress-up game by mixing those ‘modern’ clothes paired with retro-chic shoes, jewelry, and of course, handbags. Always remember that wearing the right jewelry can never go wrong. You just have to know and learn how to flaunt it with sexiness and confidence!


  • Enjoy it and Be Confident

The most important part of this look is your confidence! If you want to flaunt it and if not it’s fine, you don’t have to wear it over.


Wearing vintage clothing should make you a fun, playful, and creative way of expressing yourself. You must always receive attention and feel good about your vintage look!


Enjoyed reading this fashion post? If yes, share your thoughts by leaving a comment below, I’d love to hear your opinion!



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